Natural disasters sweep the world. Two men claim to be God’s vassal on earth. Ancient border wars continue to be fought with no end it sight. Territory recently converted backslides into heathenry. Witches and heretics are produced and burnt. Atheist westerners plan to swallow the whole of Eure├»os. Plague sweeps the continent leaving death and pestilence in its wake. Flagellants proclaim that the end is near.

This is Dungeons & Dragons stripped of wonder. The Dragons have been hunted to extinction and the ancient crypts have long been looted and abandoned. Mages are dispised at best and hunted at worst. Druids and rangers are pagans outside the bounds of society. True clerics and paladins are dwindiling and are being replaced by a non-magical priestly class. The great pantheon has been abolished and replaced by an overarching monotheism. The days of the wandering band of adventurers are over.

The End of All Things